March 30, 2021 2 min read

I have a sleeping disorder and use a CPAP machine. My husband may have a sleep disorder as well because he snores. He hunted around for a device for it. We did some research and finally found this one- actually 2 different designs of anti-snoring devices in one bundle pack.

My husband tried both but finally chose the "big tongue'' one as the other is too small for his tongue. Honestly, it was amazing but it took a bit of time for him to get used to it. Sometimes, he would feel a little bit numb, or would awake in the morning to find he had removed it from his month in the beginning. But once he got used to it, it worked well.

He does not snore when he wears this device, giving him a better night's sleep. In the morning he rinses it off and puts it back in the little case. One device lasted about 6 months. Then the silicone got less flexible over time and the suction was getting smaller. So, we plan on replacing the device every 5-6 months.

I have a small mouth so the big tongue design was a bit snug and uncomfortable for me. The first night it was in and out of my mouth.The second night I drooled all over the pillow and it was on the floor in the morning. I finally gave up, but to my surprise, the other V design type suits me well. That said, I got one to try instead of the sleep machine. Just put it in my mouth between lips & teeth, and then put my tongue in the bubble provided and suck the air out. I never loses it during the night.

My conclusion is that both of them work GREAT for most people, but maybe not for everyone. For the price, you can afford to get 2 pieces at once and see if they work for you.

NOTE: Please consult a physician first if you have a sleep disorder.

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