50/30 PCS Personalise Hand-painted Foldable Paper Fan Portable Party Wedding Supplies Hand Dance Fan Gift Chinese Decoration

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Dear buyer, this product supports customization. If you need customization, please choose personalized order and leave a message to us after purchasing
for example: Marcella & Giuseppe 19.07.2020.
Font: CoventryScr iptFLF
we support any font.
Important: If you choose to personalize, be sure to provide the custom copy you need within 24 hours. If it exceeds this time, we will send you a wedding fan without customization, and we will not refund the customization fee, so be sure to provide the copy you need customized before purchasing
Fan Rib Material : BAMBOO
Size: folded length 21CM opening degree: 37CM
Number of Fan Ribs : 18
Technique : Free Form
Is Foldable : Yes
Fan Covering Material : Paper
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