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Magnetic Chakra Mat


CPV-510 Chakra infrared thermal photon bio-stimulation pad develops from the continuous our effort in the study of natural remedies for health and wellness. It combines natural gemstones, deep penetrating far-infrared rays, negative ions, photon lights Therapy in one beautiful high-tech device designed to improve the quality of life of its user.

Long-term use can more effectively promote better mood, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, enhance immunity, anti-inflammatory and sterilize, treat various chronic diseases, relieve stress, relieve physical fatigue, soften sore muscles, improve sleep quality, etc. .


Product Parameters

Corea Dvantage



Our infrared heating pad is composed of 19 functional layers. Choose heavy-duty industrial grade parts and materials, durable heat-resistant medical grade mesh fabrics, certified jewellery grade untreated, unpainted and crushed natural crystals, agates and emeralds. After each product is tested and qualified by a special detector, it will be labelled and shipped out of the factory.

More functional layers:Compared with most inexpensive products, we have more functional layers, which can block EMF radiation more effectively, release more negative ions and far infrared rays, and bring more to your body The protection of health and safety requires more advanced technology and expensive raw materials.

High-tech controller:It adopts switch-type isolation transformer power supply, double-layer circuit board design, solid plug-in welding, advanced chip micro-controller, intelligent processing input and output control, high integration, low power consumption, anti-interference powerful.

Buy with confidence:each product can be put on the aging rack for 24-hour aging after it has been tested and qualified on the special detector. After the aging is qualified, it will be tested with the detector again, and the product will be labeled and counted after being qualified. The average service life of the product can be Up to5 years or more.




Photon Light Therapy



UV-free 660 nm red light function, also called Low-Level Laser (Light) or Photonic Stimulation is a warm relaxing treat.


By exposing the light to the skins surface the skin' s photoreceptors are activated and let the skin cells absorb the energy.


Photon therapy increases blood circulation and oxygen flow, and can help with pain and wound healing, Stimulates acupressure points to remove blockages, Helps correct imbalances in the bio-magnetic energy.




Negative ion therapy


Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. Negative ions are abundant in nature, Known as nature's purifier,
clearing your surroundings of harmful agents,Counteracts positive ion disturbances,They revitalize cell metabolism, enhance immune function, purify the blood, improve the quality of your wellness. In order to bring the negative ions in nature to your side, Special ionized fabric layers with tumbled crystals of various natural gems that release anions are added into AFODI mats.


AFODI mats' output of negative ions is kept at the most healthful levels of 500-1500 ions per cm3. The mat works like a giant, whole-body, negative-ion bracelet.


Far-Infrared Therapy (FIR)



Chakras Therapy



The word chakra translates to “wheel” or “circle”. They are distinct energy centers in the body, start from the top of your head and end just underneath your spine. They work to balance all parts of your body, positively influencing everything, from protecting you from sickness to helping you process your emotions.

AFODI Chakras mat mixes 8 kinds of stones, such as White crystal, amethyst, lapis lazuli, Jade, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, red agate, red jasper. The design of the Chakras mat is derived from the ancient Indian yoga theory. It believes that the chakra constitute the energy organization of our body, which is the gathering point of body energy. Chakra is divided from top to bottom: Guide, Crown Chakra, Third eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Root Chkara. Corresponding to different parts of the body . We uses eight gems for Chakra, bringing health to people from ancient Indian yoga theory.


Hot Stone Therapy


Provide a spa experience in the comfort of your home, feel the hot stones, relax the muscles, and make the body more receptive to massage therapy and chiropractic. The heated stones will release far infrared rays and negative ions to enhance the effect of other natural therapies on the mat.

White Crystal

White crystal has the function of focusing, concentrating, and expanding memory. It is a complex of all energies. It is called the king of crystal. White crystal possesses its pure energy, which can effectively improve free spirit, stimulate potential, nourish the body and adjust qi, and make the spirit more peaceful.



Natural amethyst is known for its relaxing qualities. Amethyst corresponds to the crown chakra and appears in crushed form. It fits perfectly with your body shape, promotes better health and overall quality of life, and helps relieve all discomforts caused by migraines, headaches and stress. It can emit a powerful and stable flow of far infrared rays and negative ions.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli corresponds to the brow chakra of the human body. It is used to treat insomnia, dizziness, headache and lower blood pressure, soothe mood, strain eyesight, and coordinate the laryngeal chakra, which can improve trachea, throat and respiratory diseases.


Tumbled Jade

Jade is a kind of pure natural ore, called healing stone. Corresponds to the Throat Chakra. Jade can help your body function more effectively by bringing your energy and mood levels closer to the normal level. Jade emits low heat and produces a calming feeling. It is good for relaxation and meditation. It can also release far infrared rays to heal your body.


Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine stone corresponds to the heart chakra of the human body. Aventurine jade has a significant effect on the heart and lung problems of the human body. Aventurine jade has a good effect on melting heart knots and complexes. It can soothe the heart chakra, make people feel peaceful, and open their hearts to accept everything.


Huang Dongling

Huang Dongling jade is a kind of Dongling. It corresponds to the solar plexus chakra. It has a good regulating effect on the gastrointestinal organs. It can also moisturize the skin and improve some skin problems.


Red Agate

Red agate is one of the most curative gems. Corresponding to the sacral chakra, it can balance positive and negative energies, eliminate mental stress, maintain a harmonious body and mind, and can improve endocrine and reconcile qi and blood. Red agate is also suitable for people who are frail and sick or who have just recovered.


Red Jasper

Red jasper corresponds to the root chakra and is suitable for women with weak physique and anemia. Long-term contact can increase affinity, strengthen women's beauty, nobility, and kindness, improve gynecological and reproductive system diseases, and enhance the function of sexual organs.


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Authoritative Attestation







We use only real natural jade, and ceramic tourmaline and germanium , with no fake colored.



Our mats can be used for health benefits or for pure pleasure.



Be careful with full heat (up to 160°F max), choose a comfort level on your controller. Please use a towel or blanket to avoid contact with hot stones. If you are pregnant or have heart or blood disease, as well as some other serious health problems - please do not use this therapy until you consult your doctor.



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We provide 12 months warranty, but no warranty will be provided for non-quality problems.