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1. Photochromic lenses have UV400 function and will change color under direct sunlight. Discoloration occurs in about 1 minute in winter and about 40 seconds in summer. Speed depends on sunlight and UV intensity! (If the UV intensity and temperature are low, the color change rate will be slower.) The color change rate is related to the UV intensity and temperature.


2.Stylish design, light and flexible, suitable for more face shapes. Lightweight design is perfect for motorcycles and bicycles, driving, fishing, walking, climbing, hiking or other outdoor activities


1. Avoid contact with perfumes, insecticides and other items containing chemical ingredients, so as to avoid chemical corrosion on glasses lenses and frames, and better protect your glasses.

2. After use, please wipe your glasses and put them in the glasses bag for safe storage. Do not store them with hard or sharp objects to avoid scratching the lenses or the top coat.

3. Please wipe it with a professional glasses cleaning cloth before use, and rinse it with a professional cleaning agent if necessary.