LED Lighting Robot Costumes LED Illuminated Costume Luminous Costumes Led Clothing Dance Costume

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LED lighting robot costumes LED Illuminated costume luminous costumes led clothing dance costume

1. Materials: top quality of leathers, antioxidant LED strips;
2. RGB colors, flicker one by one, or colors brightness and changing can be speed up or slow down;
3. Includes: led helmet, Jacket, long pants,by remote control,RF remote control;
4. Size-charts: from sizes are available for you from S size to 6XL, etc;
5. Working ways: battery 
6.working time: 2 hours once ;

Nylon / Cotton
Power supply:
Color Control:
RF remote control
Laser Gloves: 
RGB laser gloves (3Red+2Green+2bule)
RGB ( by remote control)
led helmet,  Jacket,  long pants,   laser gloves   ,RF remote control;