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2 Heads Ultrasound Photon Acne Fighting Device


1. One is an ultrasonic head
2. The other is an LED light head with three colors 
( press the button to change )

How to use
Test the ultrasound with a few drops of water
Ultrasonic head (mainly for the body)
1. Click the "on/off" button (on 1MHz);
2. Press the "Sonic" button to select an intensity level (Low - Medium - High), and then the ultrasound works (the water "dances" on the ultrasound head).
LED light head with three colors (mainly for the face)
1.Press the "on/off" button TWICE (on 3MHz).
2. If you press the "Sonic" button (3 levels: Low - Medium - High), the middle ULTRASOUND part works (the water "dances" on it).
3. Press the "Photon" button, and the LED light (Red- Blue- Green) works.

It has two interchangeable probes: a 3MHz stainless steel probe with photon and a 1MHz stainless steel probe with a bigger surface. Moreover, it is rechargeable, making it more convenient for customers. The generator of a 3MHz stainless steel probe with a photon can have 3 million times of micro-amplitude vibration per second. It has the most efficient and secure ultrasonic index in the trade now. It can reach only 1mm under the skin; it is more suitable for skin care around the eyes. Ultrasonic waves of 1MHz can also decompose the waste around fat, consume energy, renovate damaged lymph and capillaries vessels, and make you lose weight and achieve good shape.

1. Ultrasound

2. LED Light Therapy

  • The blue light penetrating about 0.5mm has the function of calming against skin rashes; suitable for skin that is sensitive, oily, and with skin rashes. It can adjust skin sebum secretion, effectively eliminate acne, and whelk to achieve beautification. Besides, the blue light can astringe and tighten loosened skin. 
  • The red light penetrating 8-10mm is suitable for any skin type; it can reach the derma to stimulate fiber cells. Heating can improve blood circulation and collagen albumen hyperplasia, reducing wrinkles and making skin more elastic and smooth. The mild wave length is suitable for the surrounding eyes and forehead. 
  • The green light between red and blue light suits mixed skin. It can improve the function of alternating use of cells and oxygen and activate the microcirculation function of the body surface. Meanwhile, calming the skin can relax both body and skin, reducingg skin pain.


1. Am I a candidate for LED light therapy?
Light therapy is not for everyone.

  • Specific medications or conditions can cause a person to develop sensitivity to light or seizures. 
  • Herbs and over-the-counter medications such as psoralen and St. John’s Wort can also cause sensitivity to light.

So, It's best to check with your doctor before you try it.

You are not a candidate if you have had any of the following conditions:

  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnant
  • Breast Feeding
  • Currently on photosensitive drugs.
  • Now taking Cortisone injections or any other kind of steroid injection(s)

LED light therapy is suitable for those who wish to:

  • Minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet
  • Eliminate blemishes and minimize pores
  • Improve the appearance of skin tone and texture
  • Restore the skin’s natural collagen production
  • Reduce melanin that causes brown spots
  • Reduce skin redness, scarring, and dry patches caused by eczema

2. Can I use acne products with my LED devices?
Yes. Your results will be faster if you use a high-quality topical acne product. An acne product should not be used before using your LED devices but can be applied afterward.

3. Can I use skin care products with my LED devices?
Yes. Light therapy increases the uptake and effectiveness of your high-quality skin care products. Your results will happen faster if used with them.

    4. How often can I use my LED devices? And how long will it take to see results?
    For the LED devices, select the color according to the condition you want to treat. You can use it 20~25 minutes sessions once a day or 3~ 4 times a week. It depends on your age and current skin conditions.

    Most people will see initial results in 4 ~8 weeks; many notice results as short as 1 ~ 3 weeks; and a few people will take as long as 9 ~ 11 weeks.