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2Pcs Anti Wrinkle Silicone Neck Decollette Pads

It treats chest wrinkles and lines caused by aging, sun damage, and sleeping.

      Silicone neck pads are designed to correct and prevent neck wrinkles caused by aging, sun damage, and sleeping on your side. The silicone pads feel comfortable over the skin and can be used at night while you sleep or during the day under clothing.

      Prolonged use will help return neck skin to a more youthful appearance, by softening fine lines and wrinkles.

      Remove the pad from the packaging and save the poly bag to reuse for storing the place. Remove the place from the backing. Apply the residence to the desired chest area that is dry and free of moisturizers, lotion, or any other product while sleeping or any time of day for an hour. Remove the pad slowly in an upwards motion.

      Do not use on sensitive, irritated, cut, scratched, or burned skin. Discontinue use if a rash or irritation occurs. Pad starts to lose its adhesion after 30-60 days. Once this happens, replace it with a new one.

      You can quickly wash them with water & mild soap or shampoo to clean the pads. Daily washing isn’t necessary for all but the hottest of nights. Too much rinsing could gradually erode their effectiveness. Simply return the one you are
      using its plastic backing when you wake, or store it in a sealed container with the sticky side face-up, to protect it from lint, dust & moisture.

      What are they made from?

      They are manufactured with medical-grade silicone. Silicone has numerous benefits for the skin. Primarily, it enhances the regeneration of connective tissues. It is also associated with skin hydrating properties.

      Can they with my skin?
      Most silicone pads are dermatologically tested and will rarely react with the skin. Generally, they work with all skin types. If you have extra-sensitive skin, always check with a dermatologist before using a new product.

      How soon can I see the results?
      The speed of the results is determined by the quality of the pad you buy. Typically, a high-quality terrible should begin to give you results from day one. Products react differently with different people. Some people see results sooner than others. Using your pad consistently and following the instructions allows you to achieve better results.

      How long do they last?
      The durability of a chest pad depends on several factors.

      Firstly, the quality is a significant factor. A quality pad should last up to several weeks or months, depending on how you use it. And quality pads do not lose adhesion quickly. The other factor that influences the durability of a place is how it is used and washed.

      Take care of your pad, and it will last longer.

      Can I combine them with other treatment products?
      When using a pad, always apply it on clean and dry skin. Do not moisturize the skin first. However, other prevention remedies can be used at different times of the day.

      Are they comfortable sleeping in?
      Most silicon pads are very comfortable when placed on your skin. Note that if you tend to sweat at night, the pad can lose its adhesion.

      Do they stay in place during sleep?
      A good pad should stay in place not only oon day one but every other day you use it during the recommended period. However, ensure you do not engage in habits that can damage the adhesion.

      Are they safe for use during pregnancy?
      Generally, silicone pads are safe. However, pregnant and nursing women are always advised to be extra careful when consuming products internally and externally. Silicone pads are not exceptional. Please consult your doctor before using them.