Cold Hot Therapy Home Skin Care Eye Care Device

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1. Stainless steel probe head for effective treatment.
2. Adjustable temperature intensity level can be seen through LCD Screen.
3. Hot Massage and Cold Massage, both with Sonic Vibration
  • Hot treatment temperature -up to 42°C-45°C - To expand skin pores, deep cleansing and increase absorption of nutrition.
  • Cold treatment temperature - down to 6°C-3°C- To shrink skin pores, tighten the skin and improve skin elasticity.
  • Sonic vibration improve blood circulation and boost metabolism.

4. Portable and USB rechargeable.

Product parameters
Vibration frequency: 8600rpm±10
Charging Time: 3.0 hours
Working time: 5 minutes/time
Temperature range: 6℃-42℃(±3℃)

A study shows that when the temperature of skin reaches 43 ℃, it can help produce HSP proteins, repair skin cells and strengthen the skin elasticity, and prevent the formation of wrinkles. The cold and hot beauty hammer, hot 43 ℃ nursing can help expand the pores, make deep cleaning convenient. While frozen nursing can shrink skin pores, lock the moisture in deep skin.