Handheld Ultrasound Skin Tightening Device

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1. 3 levels of ultrasonic wave intensity: Low-Medium-High
2. Stainless steel treatment head for facial and body 

Ultrasound waves, at tremendous speeds, have an effect on tissue just like that of massage. We usually call this mechanical effect micro-massage. It can be applied equally to surface tissues (like skin) or deeper tissue that underlies our beauty structure, such as muscle and fat deposits.

Warmth is produced by vigorous friction of the molecules in high-speed vibration. Warmth has long been recognized for its skin-freshening and enhancing properties, as well as its virtues in controlling pain and promoting healing.

The effects of ultrasound on fluids are to promote the production of tinier and tiner droplets, or micro bubbles, which facilitate and energize processes like cleansing, absorption, and dissolving of nutrients and moisturizers.

Different Skin Type

Recommend: to do the treatment
1. Every day for normal, dry and aged skin
2. Every 3-4 days for sensitive and oily skin

Ultrasonic Test
The ultrasonic vibration massage machine emits a deeps micro-vibration so rapid, which can not be seen or felt by the surface of our skin.

To test it, place 1-2 drops of water on the treatment head and then power on the device. You will see how the water is broken into tinier and tinier droplets by the action of micro-vibration.