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Every woman would dig dip inside their wallets to look gorgeous. But, usually there isn’t much money or time left to visit the salons if we want to keep a budget intact.
So, here are my top picks for salon beauty treatments that are totally safe to do in the comforts of your own home.

If you have been suffering hair loss, or want to get thicker hair, why pay for a pricey hair treatment sessions when you can get the Laser Cap? Night television is so much better when wearing my Laser Helmet!
And as far as I'm concerned, the Comb Attachment (High Frequency Device) would be the best answer to "how to get silky and bouncy hair naturally".

Everybody deserves a facial gadget at home! Get more out of the skincare tool by creating your own facial treatment that includes gentle Exfoliating ( Dermabrasion or Skin Scrubber), Cleansing ( Facial Brush), steaming ( Nano Steamer ), and moisturizing( Galvanic device).
"How to get the clear, glowing and younger looking skin?" If you are searching for alternative solutions to treat your hormonal or cystic acne. One safe and effective method is light therapy. I have been doing my LED Skin Treatment at home and I'm actually amazed how great my skin is looking! Maybe not every product will work for everyone but they are definitely worth a try.

Body scrubs can cost me over $100 if I go to a salon near me! I prefer to do my own scrub at home in the bath. Maybe you have shown your skin some love by whipping up a DIY scrub made out of olive oil and brown sugar at home. My favorite tools are the Diamond or Hydro Microdermabrasion Skin Rejuvenation Machine. Make sure you apply body lotion or body oil after the scrub to lock in moisture!

There is nothing nicer than having your nails& toes done by a professional, but if you would prefer to save that $25-$50 and enjoy night television at ease, then do your own medi and pedi!
Manicures-It may take some time (more than 1 week for me) getting used to, especially if you aren’t used to painting your own fingernails. The Flexible Manicure Nail Trainer indeed helped so much with perfecting my craft! It's a must have for anyone learning to do nails. As for "How to dry nails fast at home"- the anser is this 36W Nail Dryer LED UV Nail Lamp. You'll get the nail salon results!

Pedicures-I start by soaking my feet in a tub of warm water with a little oil, and then slough off dead skin with 2 In 1 Electronic Callus Remover. Then trim my toenails, buff them, and follow with my favorite color of polish! You can do the mani & pedi at the same time with this little gadget!

What beauty treatments do you prefer to do yourself at home? Which ones are better left to the pros? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section.

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