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Sometimes we are stuck in the stresses of life, ignoring the passion and joy in our life. Come on! There’s nothing more important than taking care of our health and well-being. So be sure to take some time out of your day to de-stress and clear your mind. Here are 7 easy ways to relax and help you find true relaxation.

1. Laugh A Lot

Laughter is the best medicine. Watch the sitcom, comedies or hilarious movies. Laughing releases endorphins, which fights stress, helps to relax.

2. Listen To Music

Take music as relaxation treatment. Listen to some relaxing music. Play it as softly or as loudly as you like, whichever calms you the most. And it would be perfect to think about your happy times.

3. Take A Bath

Pour a bath. Have 20- 30 minutes to yourself and focus on your breathing. Take deep, slow breaths in and out, to release energy and relax. You’ll begin to feel completely at ease.

4. Do Some Exercises

You'll be surprised at how much easier it is to overcome stress if you exercise regularly. To begin with at least 20 minutes per day of moderate activity- stretching, walking, yoga, taking the stairs, riding a bike, or swimming.

5. Read A Book

There’s nothing better than getting into a book you forget about everything else around you. Read a book or an article that makes you think or lift your spirits. Inspirational thoughts can lead to a more positive outlook on life and add new energy.

6. Eat Healthy

Eating well can help your body feel balanced and healthy.
1. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are free of refined sugar.
2. Eating plenty of low-calorie protein, like fish, legumes, dark leafy vegetables or low-fat dairy. These proteins are a better source of energy.
3. Taking a multivitamin. Some vitamins relieve stress. Vitamin B and Vitamin D are especially good for relaxation.
4. Drinking a cup of water can bring a fresh energy to your body and give a chance to your brain to take a small break in thinking.

7. Enjoy the benefits of MASSAGE GADGETS 
Giving your body some extra care and attention can be a great way to relax. There are some fantastic gadgets right here that can help you with tricky spots or add a bit more power to your massage.

(1)Smart Eye Massager

"I am working with computer 10 hours almost non-stop, need this to relax my eyes. It really works well."

(2) Smart Head Massager

"The unit does a great job of making me feel like it's a human massage by using air for pressure points and vibration combined with heat, etc. I really feel like I get a great massage with this thing. I have bought several head massage units before and threw them out or gave them away because they were so terrible. This is the 1st one that actually gives me a great massage!"

(3) Germanium Stone Massager

"It gives a great facial and neck massage, especially if you use a bit of oil"

(6) 3D Solar Energy Microcurrent Massager

"When massaging I could not tell any difference, or if any current was being passed along from the massager itself, but it does a great job of getting into muscles via its twin rotating knobs. The knobs are textured and roll along as you put the desired amount of pressure. It is very comfortable to use, and the handle is designed to be ergonomic. This handle design allows for greater pressure and time in use, without fatigue of the operator. It can also be used on yourself. I use it this way to dig into my neck and shoulder muscles."


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February 04, 2018

Could someone please explain the measures RF depths and metabolism at each depth with RF use?
Suggest a moderately priced home unit that provides RF info on their unit.

ranjit thandi
ranjit thandi

September 16, 2017

Hi there, I want to know what is deference between 12 size needles and 36 size needles of derma pen. Can i use 36 size needles on acne scars.

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