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More and more people choose microdermabrasion as a skin treatment because of its visible results.

Microdermabrasion Benefits Include:

  • Reduces hyperpigmentation and age spots
  • Reduces wrinkles and smoothen enlarged pores.
  • Improves acne-prone skin, remove scars caused by pimples and breakouts
  • Helps smooth coarse textured skin allowing skin care products to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.
    They let your skin breathe and help provide a youthful glowing appearance!
Microdermabrasion devices produce dermal high-pressure micro crystal flow on the skin. It uses dermal abrasion with suction in order to remove the top layer of the skin, where dead skin cells lie.


In some cases, the redness dissipates after only a few hours. However, following a proper microdermabrasion aftercare routine is the key to relieve the skin of unnecessary pressure.

Your skin's top layer of protection may be removed during each session, which causes the redness after each abrasion. It's normal after each procedure . To maintain and maximize the results of the microdermabrasion treatment, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Keep your new skin clean and moisturized.
Proper rehydrating toner to wipe off skin debris that was left behind. Use a rich moisturizer. Moisturize your skin whenever necessary for the next 5-7 days to avoid skin from drying out.


2. Anti-inflammatory creams or cold compresses may be used to relieve the tenderness or burning sensation after the treatment.
Certain copper-based lotions have light ingredients that may help aid quick skin recovery. To improve the skin's quality, use microdermabrasion serums with high Vitamin A, C and E content. It will help skin look very toned.

3. Use a gentle cleanser.
Use a sensitive skin cleanser or something that contains no harsh chemicals and has absolutely no scent. Always rinse with cool or lukewarm water.

4. Trauma such as scratching or picking the treated area should be avoided.
Avoid picking or removing dead skin as this could cause pigmentation or scarring. Allow the skin to renew itself on its own. If it is unavoidable to scratch your skin , remember to apply aloe vera to sooth the skin. It should help heal the scratches for about one week.


5. Avoid irritating the treated skin with harsh chemicals, rubbing or tanning within 1 week.
Do not apply make-up or perfumes for about 48 hours after treatment. Avoid heat treatments like sauna, steam rooms and hot showers. The skin will peel naturally so avoid using exfoliating products as well.

6. Use moisturizer to help the skin heal faster.
Skin may feel sore or have a distinct burning sensation like a sunburn. Just remember to cool down your skin periodically. You may simply rinse your face off with cold water, rub an ice cube on the affected areas or use an ice pack when needed.

7. Avoid the sun for at least 7 days after the treatment.
The protective layer of skin may also be removed after microdermabrasion. It's necessary to have an extra layer of protection on your skin. Direct sunlight will damage your skin. If you have to leave the house, wide hats and sunglasses would be a good choice.

8. Avoid hot places that will make you sweat.
Avoid exercise for a few days after your treatment as excessive perspiration may irritate your skin. Even swimming should be avoided as your skin may have a negative reaction to the chlorine or salty water on the beach.

9. Drink plenty of water.
It can be a dehydrating procedure. Always make sure you also rehydrate with water. Water can also help your skin recover better because it’s moisturized both inside and out.

10. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
It's likely that you need to eat more fruits and vegetables while lessening dairy and red meat. And even take supplements. Or ask your skin expert which vitamins and minerals you need to maximize your treatment and get the best results the fastest.

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Sandra Paquette
Sandra Paquette

March 09, 2017

I can’t seem to find which microdermabrasion machine has the most power is it 3 in 1 that you show?

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