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My BFF is a huge fan of micro needling treatment and I do love the way her skin looks. I can notice her skin is a little bit thicker and the pores look smaller. I tried and my skin is visibly improving.

Micro-needling is a general term for a process that involves moving a device over your skin that has a roller with many tiny surgical needles embedded in it. There are different kinds of micro-needling devices on the market. One is the manual version called Dermaroller. There are also motorized devices such as the Dermapen(some even with photon) or Dermastamp.


The dermaroller has a cylindrical shape and is surrounded by tiny needles protruding from it. And a handle for moving it around your face.The length of the needles varies from 0.13 to 3 mm. You roll it over your skin with some pressure, puncturing hundreds of tiny holes along the way. By causing microscopic injuries to the skin, the dermaroller promotes the growth of new skills, increases blood flow to the skin, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibres.


The Dermaroller reduces scars, acne, and pigmentation and improves stretch marks and the skin's overall texture. It is also effective at minimizing wrinkles, boosting skin thickness, decreasing pore size, reducing cellulite and is even good for scalp( prevents hair loss).


Dermapens look exactly like a pen, with a circular head studded with tiny needles. The head and needles are motorized. The motor-driven needles move in and out of the skin in a stamping motion, piercing it with thousands of tiny punctures.


Why not give it a try to enjoy this effective and inexpensive skin care gadget.



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