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We live in an age of innovation. There are a lot of beauty gadgets that will actually save our time, money or make our beauty routine more effective. Here are 4 different Top Beauty Buy gadgets that you must have for your skin care.

Microdermabrasion -T
he Skin Smoother


Exfoliation is one of the effective ways to see a turn around in our skin, including softer skin, smaller pores, clearer tone and even improved scars.

It's a professional microdermabrasion treatment that we can get at home. Microdermabrasion devices can vacuum up dead skin cells as well as whiteheads and blackheads.


LED Light Therapy-The Pimple Zapper


  Light-therapy devices use LEDs, very specific wave-lengths of light. Home light therapy is probably not quite as powerful as the same wavelength done in a professional office, but it's safe and more suitable for home use.


The light devices do help fight both acne and aging. What's more, they are best for calming inflammation. It turns out that the red and blue lights will heal breakouts in a few days, calm redness in the meantime, and prevent acne from leaving dark spots behind.


Microcurrent Technology- The Temporary Tightener

Microcurrent technology gives a lift to the brows, cheeks and jawline, improving our skin tone and contour. The microcurrent device sends electricity into the skin and feels like a mini massage.
It stimulates circulation, drains lymph nodes, and tightens superficial facial muscles enough to temporarily firm skin. It doesn't supply the energy required to promote collagen production, so you have to submit to a session every time you want that lift.

Silicone Facial Cleaner-Sensitive Touch


It's a totally new way to clean our face. It has silicone nubs that don't harbor bacteria, and it has a side made specifically for helping our skin care products absorb. Maybe other cleansing devices ever made your skin red or dry, but it doesn't if you use it in a proper way and it still exfoliate enough to give us glowing skin!

In addition to its cleansing feature, it has a massage feature. The vibration moves everything around. So we can put it on different spots around our face and it’s relaxing. It’s a nice way to relax and destress.
It works in a similar way to the Foreo Luna but is more affordable.

Do you have beauty gadgets for home use?
What do you use them for?
Hair Loss
Sagging Skin
Stretch Marks
Hair Removal
Skin Pigmentation

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