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We are exploring LED light therapy and today I want to share with you the benefits I've noticed from using a LED red light therapy mask over the past year. Last January I purchased a LED facial mask after a little bit of research.

The first thing I noticed after using my mask for about maybe two or three weeks was the quality of my skin. I massively struggled with acne for about 2 years and I was left with a lot of acne scarring. In general, the texture and the tone of my skin wasn't where it used to be. I noticed a massive difference after a couple of weeks. It was so much better as the clarity and the tone of my skin was just like night and day different. Red light therapy affects our sebum production which in turn helps with getting less acne, so I've definitely noticed that that's been a really great benefit.

Multiple studies have shown that red light therapy is able to help our body boost collagen production which is really cool. Because after 25 years old, our body stops making as much collagen and it starts to decline and we can always supplement that, but we couldn't really stimulate our body to make more. Red light therapy is able to help us do that which is really neat.

It's also been shown to rejuvenate our skin, so that's why I found that it just looked healthier. The clarity was better and the scarring was less. Overall I feel like my complexion has just greatly proved because of using this mask. Honestly it's one of those things that I have noticed such a difference in specifically using that that I can with confidence say that it has helped me way more than any skincare I've ever used.

It's been a really cool experience to integrate a device like this into my everyday habits. I have never really used any type of light therapy before and I was a little bit skeptical on whether or not it was something that was actually going to work. But I'm pleased to report that it does and there's a clinical evidence to back it. I'm so glad that I do and I highly recommend it. If you have the opportunity to check out LED red light therapy, try it! I think you're going to love it!

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