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Of course I was skeptical of the effectiveness of LED light therapy like most people prior to purchasing however it's been a very nice experience thus far.

I have suffered from adult acne as long as I can remember. After I got pregnant I desperately searched for something to help with my blemishes which were quite severe since I could no longer take prescriptions, just topical creams. After using this LED face mask  for just a few days my husband started to notice a difference. Now nearly a week later I am beyond happy with the results. My face is nowhere near clear yet, but I can see that my blemishes are slowly but surely fading. I honestly can't believe I've found something that seems to have worked. Bear in mind that I have also started other regiments at the same time as starting this, but with the timing, this seems to be what's working.


Two of my close friends each tried a single 15 minute treatment. Their skin has less redness and was tighter. The blue mask seemed to calm down the skin as well as preventing additional redness from the other lights. They have the Baby Quasar blue light and Sirius Aurora cordless (red, blue and green). I did tried.

BQ does not have a timer and captures the smallest amount of skin area. During treatment I have to be mindful of time and turn it off manually. Sirius handheld has flash and steady light emission functions, as well as a timer. It beeps at regular intervals and shuts off automatically after full treatment, as well as captures a larger area of the skin than quasar. But the cumulative time of one treatment takes 24 minutes for 2 light options. My hands get tired and skin gets too dry over this time period.

This mask offers more light options, five light intensity levels, two flash speed modes and a constant light, 5-20 minute duration, shuts off automatically and covers the entire face. So, in comparison, per my personal experience, all three tools are effective. However, BQ is very expensive while Sirius and this mask are roughly $30-$40 in price difference. And this mask offers more options and takes less time per treatment to achieve similar results as it covers the entire face.

I wish I had this tool back when I was in my senior year of HS and became the victim of late onset of teen acne.

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