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There's no doubt that 
It's obviously becoming popular to use some at home devices. So far, I have received thousands of reviews and feedback about this High Frequency Device which will be working wonders for your skin and hair at a great price and really easy to use.

First of all, I would like to start by saying no product, gadget or procedure is going to 100% work for everyone in a period of time. For example, Maybe someone who got laser resurfacing for wrinkles. There was slightly improvement while a lot of people have awesome results with that same procedure. Why that is, I think our bodies react differently and everything takes time. So does this little gadget.
High Frequency Device
Now I'll solve your concerns through the reviews from our "experienced" buyers.

Concern One: Does it work? Should I buy it or not?
"I'm an esthetician and have referred many of my acne clients to buy this machine. I have one for myself and use it regularly for collagen stimulation. I would recommend it to anyone. It's affordable and worth it!"

"I'm a Physical Therapist we do E-stim so I got the concept of the product. I use avocado oil and vitamin E oil for my conductor. When used consistently this product will help retrain the muscles in the face and neck. Help increase collagen growth and create a more youthful appearance."

"I am a professional esthetician and I was really skeptical about ordering this product and thought it might not serve its purpose since it is for home use. But having experienced with the professional set and this, I can say that it exceeded my expectation. I can't even tell the difference between this and a professional set. The rods fit in nice and snug. I would definitely recommend using this. Especially if you
have oily/congested skin."

"If you don't like it, you haven't tried it long enough"
"I feel using these type facials relax me, and over time, you will find that also, it becomes somewhat addictive to use. I have to stop myself from using it 2x a day because I just enjoy it so much. A word to all of the people that didn't care for this machine. It works. Regardless of your opinion, it works. I am an expert and I know. I could tell after the first week this is a superior machine. Way superior than the dermawand. From what I've read, there wasnt a single person that used the machine long enough to form a negative opinion. If you are a first time use, yes, you will notice results usually pretty fast, but for some people, it may take you longer - not a few weeks or even a few months, maybe 4-5 months, and if you havent used it that long, you really dont know. Let me tell you a secret, you skin will begin to respond to the machine and it will crave it.
I am writing this for all of you on the fence about purchasing it, do yourself a HUGE favor and get it, but don't unless you plan to use it, every single day is best, get in the habit and you won't be sorry. I am still shaking my head over the quality in this one for the price. It is AMAZING. "
Concern Two:

1.What's the negatives?
It wouldn't be strong enough with glass tubes.
"The unit needs to be treated with care. Insertion and extraction of the pieces should be done gently with a gentle twisting motion until the piece is firmly in place. Don't just shove the pieces in there. This is not an expensive unit, so assume the quality is not at the level that you can be anything but very gentle with it."

2. Will it be a problem?
"I can't say how long this thing will last. I'd be lying if I said that wasn't a slight concern, but at this price and for what it's done for me? If it fizzles out, I'll buy another one. I'll be disappointed but I'd give it another go or possibly even two before I upgrade. I LOVE this thing and I have no regrets."

"They do wear out overtime, but are so affordable! They work better then any expensive cream I have ever used.when this one where is out I will buy another one."

Concern Three: How to use it?
"The device comes with four wands: one for the scalp (comb), one for the whole face (mushroom), one for the undereyes and one for spot treatment. I use the mushroom wand the most. You can use the device using different methods, I usually do a combination of the direct method and the sparke method. For the instructions, I did some google searching and found all the info I needed. Usually I just use the device like this: I disinfect the wand with an alcohol wipe, then I was my face and apply a moisturizer or acne cream, I put the mushroom wand on my face and turn the knob to either medium on high setting. Then I move the wand in around my face in circular motions, starting on the forehead, down the nose, cheeks and then chin. I usually do this until the cream is completely soaked into my skin. I then spot target some of my pimples by removing the wand from my face and turning the knob to an even higher setting and then just slowly moving the wand close to my face, causing it to "spark". This is really great for killing off bacteria and has really helped clear up some of my more persistent cysts and pimples. While you are using this device, you might smell kind of a metal like smell, this is completely normal. The wand also glows in the dark , this is the way it is supposed to be, don't worry :-)"
Concern Four: What's the benefits?

1. For: Blackheads 
"You can't bet the price. I worked in a spa years ago and they charged 65 $ A season. I will tell my friends about this. My black heads are a lot smaller"

2. For: Facial Hair Removal
"I had to wait until I tried it before I wrote anything. I noticed a difference after about 3 times of using. I used it on the medium frequency. There is a "zap" when it touches your skin which kept making me jump. I love the fact it took off my facial hair. I'm satisfied and would buy again."

3. For: Sagging Treatment

"I ordered this for my Mom and I have a much more expensive unit but they are practically the exact same but mine is black. They work the same have the same attachments and feel the same. I wish I wouldn't have paid $100 for mine and just gotten this one for me as well. We both believe this works to rejuvenate the skin cells. It's lifted my sagging eye brow that used to be noticeably lower than my other eye brow so they are even. Start out with it at the lowest setting"

4. For: Rolled Ankle Pain
"I bought this HFG to just play with, it was so low priced. I rolled my ankle 2 years ago and it has been hurting lately from working on my ranch, uneven and sloped ground up here in the southern Sierra's
And ride 10,000 miles a year on my dual sport motorcycle and old age, I'm 68.
Have been using penetrex which is the best cream I have found for pain relief and wear the sure sport ankle sock so there is no pain until I go to bed at nite and when I get out of bed at 4:30 am
Ran out of penetrex so I tried this HFG this morning on and around the outside ankle with the mushroom head for about 4 minutes and there is no pain when walking around the house. "

5. For: Stretch Marks, Even Complexion
"It has improved my skin on my face and stomach. Stretch marks on my tummy are less visible. I like this machine a lot. Just wish it was a little more powerful, but for the price it's awesome. I mostly use the spot probe becuz its more powerful, yet takes longer to do my whole face and tummy. The mushroom probe I use on my cheeks for an even complexion. I'm glad I bought it"
6. For: Rosacea and Redness Treatment
"I have been using this for one week and I have seen good results. Not only is it great for fine lines/wrinkles, but I have rosacea and the redness is fading very nicely. I use it twice per day (before applying makeup in the am and after cleansing at night) about 3 - 4 minutes each time. Love this!!!!!!!!!!!"

7. For: Hair Loss Treatment, Silky Soft Hair
"I had been looking for something like this for some time for hair loss around my edges due to chemical damage. So far I am having great success."

"I bought this for my face. I got bored after a couple of times and decided I would try the comb attachment. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Best hair day ever! After I ran this through my hair, it was so silky soft. It also made my hair bouncy and move like I had just gotten my hair blown out at the salon. NO JOKE, every time I use this, my hair turns out perfect every single time!!!!! I combed my daughters hair with it and her hair was silky and bouncy. I just lost mine when I moved and I am ordering another one. Ladies, you have got to try this in your hair!"

8. For: Acne/Acne Scars/Cystic Zits Treatment
"Gets rid of acne scars!! The best product ever!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!"

"Love, love, love my high frequency machine! My BFF is an esthetician and recommend one for the painful underground zits that never surface. Well I now use mine 3x week zit or not! My skin has never been clearer!"

"Something I ate this week prompted a big, ugly, PAINFUL cystic zit on my cheek. It was really red..but of course, no head. Fairly easy to cover with makeup but even though no one knew it was there..I could feel it all throughout each day. Last night I made the huge mistake of thinking that it had come to a head. It had not. I gently pressed it after using a sterile needle expecting to finally say goodbye to this monster Made it worse of course.... So, I just decided to just use some lotion and go to bed.
Woke up this morning and as I had expected, it was now very much a bump. Now it was even redder and protruding.
Out of desperation, I pulled out the high frequency light and used the spot tool and slowly turned up the power until it was stinging on the bump. I waited 10-15 seconds and gave it a break and then did another 10 seconds.
Immediately after I realized it was NOT painful anymore. I thought maybe this was a coincidence or that it wouldn't be long lasting. It has been 5 hours later now and it has pretty much disappeared - not protruding, and is barely painful - only if pressed hard. It is still red but less now. I had to run and write a review for this machine after that! Hope this helps someone in my exact situation!"
9. For: Blood Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage
"Love this little gadget! Totally sterilizes my skin. the mushroom head good for all over face. snake top good for around eyes and nose. zit zapper is exactly that. and comb makes my scalp tingle. i am a licensed esthetician so i know how to use this otherwise you could electrocute yourself if not properly trained, but i love the way my skin looks. helps circulation and lymphatic drainage"

10. For: Firmness, Eye Hollows/ Stubborn Forehead Lines Treatment
"I was all set to buy one until I found this thing for less than half the price of Dermawand . I couldn't resist. So glad I took the plunge! In terms of power,this is better than the Dermawand and I love that it comes with all the attachments! The Dermawand doesn't have those. I've used this unit only four times thus far. Here's what I've noticed so far. I've noticed a quite remarkable firmness in my neck. My entire face is notably firmer. I can see it and feel it. The slight hollows under my eyes are improving! That I did not expect. I don't know if that will continue to improve, but I'll take what I got and be grateful for it. Some stubborn forehead lines seem to be slowly fading. I can't say with certainty more than that about the forehead lines, but I do think they are looking better so I'm going to keep zapping those suckers and see what happens. They aren't that bad and don't bother me too much, but hey, if they can look better, why not treat them? My face is GLOWING. It really just looks so healthy and dewy and fresh..."

11. For: Pore Minimizing Treatment, Sebaceous Cysts/Pimple Treatment
" After a week of using this HF machine, I have noticed pores on my nose area got smaller and my skin feels much softer than before. I haven't tried the comb attachment yet, but overall this machine sure works well. Highly recommend."
"Love this product. I used to have small sebaceous cysts on my chin and after just a few uses they are gone, and my pores are smaller. Don't know about wrinkles yet but it works wonders for a healthy glow and to shrink pores and get rid of stubborn old age pimples"

12. For: Skin Tightening, Reducing Inflammation(Healthy Scalp/Hair, Pimple Treatment)
"Been using this for about 3 weeks almost daily. Noticed a lot of dandruff on the comb attachment for the first 2 weeks (never had dandruff in my life, got scared) - but I guess it was a natural exfoliation going on and now comb is clean and my scalp in the part area is shiny. Healthy scalp - healthy hair, so that's a plus. Been using a mushroom attachment for my face - I did notice that skin is firmer, tighter and in general, feels like circulation has improved. Used the skinny attachment once on a household member who gets deep, swollen, painful, almost boil-like pimple now and then. Zapped it twice, followed with tea tree oil treatment and it was like it never happened. Usually those used to linger for 10+ days. I keep mine tucked under the living room sofa so that I remember to do it every night while watching TV "

"I used the mushroom and the spot attachments twice and liked the results. I zapped a lingering pimple that I had for weeks and it turned dark purple within seconds (which scared me) but then went back to the original skin tone. By the next day it had shrunk to the point where I had to search for the spot so it definitely did an excellent job. I used the comb attachment three times and got so excited because in that short span I saw new growth in my hair which barely grows 1/4 inch a month.
So it's been a few months now that I have had this machine. I am amazed that it is still working and my scalp is a lot healthier after weekly scalp massages and my hair is not shedding as much as it used to. The quality could still be better but as long as it works I'll continue to use it and reap the benefits"
13: For: Uneven Skin Tone Treatment, Freckles/ Sun Spots Treatment, Skin Texture Improvement
"Works perfectly to treat acne, blemishes, sallow, dull skin."

"I love this machine. I am 58 years old and have seen a dramatic improvement in the tone and texture of my skin since I started using this."

Skincare for 40-Something Guys -"I decided that I'd like to do a better job of taking care of my skin now that I am in my 40s; this has really helped. I use this wand a few times a week (at night) after washing my face. If anything, this has evened out my skintone-- I used to have sun freckles and sun spots on the left side of my face and they have faded dramatically after 2 months usage"

"I was having problems with sun spots and freakles all over my face, Ive tried all kinds of skin lightening lotions but nothing worked, so I ordered the high frequency machine to try it out. I tried it that day and later that night, had no problem but I had a hard time getting use to the smell it leaves on your face. After using it a few times it wasnt so bad but I have seen a great differents. My face looks clearer with less spots.Love this machine and I will update you with more later cause Ive only had this machine for about 2 weeks. *Update on using the high frequency machine, Ive had this machine for little over a month now and I use it every night, it has cleared most of my sun spots on my face and neck.. love it!!"

14. For: Alopecia Areata Treatment-Better, More Powerful and Even Greater Results than Derma Wand
"WOW! ! ! and WOW!!!!!!!I was suffering with alopecia areata which started in the month of June 2015. I started using Derma Wand (a product used specifically for skin) because I had heard of voltages helping to stimulate hair growth but could not afford those extremely expensive products. It helped with the under scalp itching feeling I would get from alopecia but unfortunately it strength faded down and was not getting the same effects. I felt skeptical about trying something different but between the reviews and of course the price, I thought I would give it a go. When I finished my first try-out with this and it is better than I expected. I like this far better than what I was using before - it feels 100% more stimulating and knocked the under scalp itch immediately out. The Derma Wand was working but because this is more powerful I am expecting even greater results (yea!). I just have to say that I am truly impressed with how wonderful my scalp feels after using this and it is still giving a really nice tingle, I think I have just found a new love!"
15. For: Eye Bags/Puffy Eyes/Dark Circles Treatment, Skin Lift (Zits Treatment)
"It needs a cream, lotion or gel in order to glide across the skin. You will have to experiment with this. It seems to work very well for zits. Used it on my daughter for a nasty one on her lip and it was diminished by the next day. It has helped with the terrible bags under my eyes and have actually gotten rid of the terrible puffy areas that make up would not cover. The dark circles aren't as bad either. I have noticed that it helps a lot for lifting the eye area, ya know those heavy eyelids that droop more and more? ( I am 59) It is slowly working on those not so funny laugh lines and is tightening up under my chin. Have been using it semi religiously for about 3 weeks. No instant miracles, but then, aging didn't happen overnight"

"I have been using for 4 weeks once a day only missed a few days. The right is before the left is after. Fine lines are fading and my eye lids are not as puffy or droopy. I use it on eyebrow and lift up going towards hair line just started that a few days ago did it by accident and have continued. Again just Recently I was just lightly running it along eye bottom and top started using more pressure and going under baggy part of eye on bone from nose to corner of eye all the way to hair line. Hope that makes cense.
I used coconut oil before treating in am and original oil of olay after treatment and in pm. The green eyes are all before I left my contacts in and hazel eyes are after I took contacts out so I was sure to be able to tell differance."
16. For:Crow's Feet Treatment, Fresher and Healthier Skin (Shrinking Pores, Forehead Lines/Dark Circles Treatment)
"Wasn't expecting miracles with this, but I can honestly say that my skin looks (and feels) fresher and healthier, and my pores are shrinking, which is a very nice thing to happen. I get a little rosy glow just after I use it, so the real difference is seen the next day; for me, anyway. The lines in my forehead have diminished greatly, and are continuing to do so. My crow's feet and dark circles (hereditary!) are on their way out too.
I usually work on one area of my face at a time, giving each area about 3 or 4 minutes, and going back to zap the deeper lines when I'm finished. It's actually very relaxing, and can be done watching TV, without much thought or effort"

In addition, General points regarding High Frequency
"I would make a few general points that may be helpful.

  • First, D'arsonval, Darsonval or any variation thereof is a name for the TYPE of machine, and not the brand name. 
  • Second, there are LOTS of websites available that teach you what HF is, what it's good for and how to use each individual electrode. There are also countless videos on YouTube that offer advice and demonstrations. If you've never used HF before and have no idea how to use it, WATCH THESE VIDEOS FIRST! Arm yourself with knowledge before using any machine you are unfamiliar with! 
  • Third, HF creates ozone and has antibacterial properties. You should use it on CLEAN skin. If you choose to use it with a moisturizer of some sort, make sure it is alcohol-free. Also, do not use alcohol to clean your electrodes. Wipe the glass part ONLY with mild cleanser and water. 
  • Fourth, when used properly, this machine will create a clean and slightly metallic odor. This is normal. Fifth, this machine is not intended to stimulate muscles, therefore, you will not feel 'twitching' or 'jumping' light you might with other machines. You may, however, feel a slightly 'zappy' feeling if the frequency is set too high for your liking. "

It doesn't hurt when you use it. Just start off with the lowest setting and work your way up. Especially if you use the "sparkle" technique for deeper lines. That can be a little "ouchie" if you zap yourself with a high setting, so definitely start low with that.

You're going to get out of it what you put into it, make no mistake. Use it every day, and you'll see results. Use it once in awhile when you think of it, and you won't see results.

All in all, it's a really nice at home skin treatment that makes you feel pampered.

I just posted a small fraction of its positives. You'll be one of the people for whom this thing is practically working miracles. Explore its benefits by yourself!

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patti pearce
patti pearce

April 19, 2017

thank you for all of the info. Your comments are evidence that you have experience along with extensive research that qualifies you as an expert in my opinion.

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