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While browsing the internet you come across our website and may wonder what are the differences between different LED Face Masks & Light Therapy Devices.

Below you will find the answers to the questions that are most often asked.

ITEM Photos Therapy Treatment Area LEDs Colors
7-Color LED Facial Mask LED Light Therapy Face Total 150

7                Red,Blue,Green,
Purple,Cyan,Dark Purple,Light Blue 

Galvanic LED Facial Mask Galvanic Current, LED Light Therapy, Infrared Face & Neck  Total 192
Neck: 54

Red-Blue-Purple in Rotation
Foldable LED Desk Top Device LED Light Therapy Face & Body Total 420

Red + Blue
Red + Yellow
Blue + Yellow

N- Shaped LED Device LED Light Therapy Face & Body Total 287  

Red, Blue,
Green, Yellow

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Marielena avila
Marielena avila

June 02, 2017

I like a face and body equipment. Eventually I will conquer my goal.?

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